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Enterprise Employee Transportation

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Integrated Cabs

Integrated Cabs + Software Solution

We provide employee transportation with software as a default add-on to ensure an end to end control over fleet and operational efficiency.

AI driven analytics

AI driven analytics for deep insights

Our Artificial Intelligence powered Analytics will give you a full grade optimization of every possible scenario involved and provide deep insights.


Making Employee Transportation more efficient.


End To End Automation

Our end to end automated system intelligently creates routes and schedules cabs automatically with a full scale optimization in terms of routes and cabs occupancy when employee location data and schedule is fed into the system


Location Tracking Enabled

All our cabs come equipped with best in class live location tracking using a mobile device through which trip data and location data is captured. At any point of time we have an eagle eye view of our fleet across all clients.

Employee Safety

High Employee Safety

Employee Safety is of utmost importance and we take it very seriously. All our cabs are background verified with a strict 3 level screening process along with GPS enabled mobile devices.

AI Driven Analytics

AI Driven Analytics

Our Analytics is powered by Artificial Intelligence which gives us deep insights on trips based on time and location. With intelligent predictive analytics, we are able to predict future delays, cab volume and on demand requests

Escallation Management

Escalation Management

We have a 24*7 fanatic support on Phone, Email and chat along with a dedicated escalation management personnel.

Metrics Dashboard

Metrics dashboard

We provide a client side login to our metrics dashboard specific to a contract so that operational and financial metrics can accessed for full transparency in terms of data along with paper less billing.

Employee Transportation Experience. Reimagined!

End to end automation. Cabs powered by Live location tracking. AI driven analytics.

Our fleet of cabs is managed by an expert team with rich industry experience and powered by a leading edge technology solution that gives us an edge in terms of delivering a seamless employee transportation experience.

Our end to end automation software minimizes a ton of manual intervention to ensure cost efficiency to you and provide timely and convenient employee transportation.

Our live tracking dashboard enables an eagle eye real time location view of all the cabs to your staff on an interactive map to ensure efficient coordination and high employee security and safety.

Our AI driven analytics will help you comprehend heaps of activity data that you need for business decisions on detailed interactive dashboards.

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