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Our Mission

To transport million people a day to work and places they love through technology driven, efficient and safe transportation.

Our Vision

To be India’s leader in transportation industry and enable hassle free private car ownership and employee transportation using technology.

About Us

Transportation is the glue of our everyday lives. It is such a vital part of human existence that we sometimes don’t even realize the enormous scale of it. At WhistleDrive, we are on a constant mission to make transportation safe, efficient and convenient by using technology.

“Efficiency is doing better what is already being done.”
— Peter F. Drucker

WhistleDrive® B2B provides end to end automated employee transportation solution for corporations, integration with client systems, robust business intelligence reporting, location tracking, AI Driven analytics and 24/7/365 multi-channel support. We provide an integrated “Cabs + Logistics support + Software” multi modal delivery (web and mobile) through which employees of companies can get convenient and safe transportation.

WhistleDrive® B2C provides trained and verified drivers on demand for car owners through our website, mobile application or phone. Our driver on- demand solution is truly on-demand and location powered to ensure customers get a reliable driver closest to their location with minimal wait time and lowest costs in the industry.

Our Team

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team"
~ Phil Jackson

Rakesh Munnanooru

Founder & CEO
Entrepreneur. Innovator.

Sireesha Tipparaju

Senior Product Manager with 10+ years of experience. Built 2 very successful products that got an exit.

Adi Narayana

10+ years of experience in handling finance for product startup entities from start to exit.

Prashanth Mamidanna

9+ years of experience in missile technology for defense with a specialization in operations.

Ananth Tipparaju

15+ years of experience in handling product development for MNCs and startups.
Architect. Mentor

Rajashekhar Aileni

Transportation Coordinator
Handles Operations and facilitates Transportational support to clients and Customers and also Driver and Cab compliances & documentation.

Rajeshwar Reddy

Operations Coordinator
Handles Operations for Clients and coordinates with Technology team for Automation.

Sampath Vedantam

B2C Channel Specialist
Handles B2C Channel, Digital Marketing and Customer Relations. Coordinates with Operations and Technology teams for smooth flow in B2C.